Getting Involved

Appalachian State Student Veterans Association

The Student Veterans Association is an official chapter of the Student Veterans of America national organization. As a student operated club, our purpose is to provide military veterans and their families with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed at Appalachian State. Additionally, we strive to promote community service and volunteerism as well as organize worthwhile projects and events pertaining to veterans needs and issues.

SVA sponsored activities includes:

  • Tailgating
  • Volunteer Events
  • Social Events
  • National and Regional Conferences


  • President: Caitlin Langley (
  • Vice President:  Karianne Castillo (
  • Treasurer: Phillip Davis (
  • Secretary: Devin Diller (
  • Chapter Advisor: Bethany Gonzalez (

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Other Clubs and Organizations:

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

The High Country Chapter of the MOAA was formed in 2004 and serves Avery, Mitchell, and Watauga counties.

The Military Officers Association of America is a non-profit veterans' association dedicated to maintaining a strong national defense and to preserving the earned entitlements of members of the uniformed services and their families and survivors. Membership is open to those who hold or have ever held a warrant or commission in any component of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, or NOAA and their surviving spouses. 

 Contact:  MAJ(R) Bob Gibbard at or visit our website HERE.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7031 (VFW)

OUR MISSION:To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military, and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all veterans. 

OUR VISION: Ensure that veterans are respected for their service, always receive their earned entitlements, and are recognized for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made on behalf of this great country. 

Contact: David Gragg at (828) 264-9570 or visit us on facebook HERE.

American Legion Post #130

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic, mutual-help, war-time veterans organization. A community-service organization which now numbers nearly 3 million members -- men and women -- in nearly 15,000 American Legion Posts worldwide. These Posts are organized into 55 Departments -- one each for the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, France, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Regular Meetings are the 1st Friday of each month @ 7:00 pm. We also have a Breakfast the 3rd Saturday of each month 7:00 am-10:00am.

Contact: Larry Osborne at  (828) 264-2864 or visit us on facebook HERE.

National Society of Scabbard and Blade - F Company, 17th Regiment

Scabbard and Blade is a national honors society, recognized by Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC, as well as service academies. Scabbard and Blade strive to encourage cadets to maintain a high academic standard in addition to their normal course of military and academic study.

Scabbard and Blade is a joint service honor society that unites cadets and midshipmen from all over the country in military excellence. The society strives to better these cadets and midshipmen as future officers and to strengthen the joint service relationship through service to the community and leadership opportunities.

Contact: CDT Aaron Durand at or visit us on Facebook HERE or our website HERE.

National Society of Pershing Rifles, Company M-4

The Pershing Rifles Company at Appalachian State (Company M, 4th Regiment), was organized and chartered in 1969.

Pershing Rifles Company M-4 has, and still is, leading the way. Every year, a National Competition (NATCON) is held where companies from around the country compete for trophies. Currently, Appalachian State University has the highest overall NATCON wins with 13 national titles. Practices include elements such as drill and ceremony, exhibition drill, color guard, and assembly/dissasembly of the M1903 Springfield. Appalachian State University always stands apart from the rest with our 'dress black' uniform while competing.

Perhaps our most important feature as an organization is our brotherhood. We are considered an honorary fraternity with friendships that will last a lifetime.  You do not have to be a member of ROTC or of the military in order to join. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of our long and proud history, our meetings take place every Wednesday at 1700 (5:00pm) at the upper-level of the Varsity Gymnasium on campus.

Contact:  P/R 2LT Krzysko, Marissa at or visit our Website HERE.